Laboratory Equipment


PVC extraction fan





Prodorite extraction fume hoods and fume hood exhaust fans are used as lab air ventilation systems that extract dangerous chemical fumes from the air inside laboratories. These air ventilation systems pull and filter air from the lab using fume hood exhaust fans to protect and maintain laboratory air quality and safety standards for workers.
For many years we have been manufacturing increasing quantities of high quality custom built equipment for mining and industrial laboratories throughout Zimbabwe.






Fume Extraction System




Our fume systems exhibit the following qualities:

• Corrosion resistant- Our fume extraction system are resistant to rust chemical used in laboratories as these are non-metal.
• Durable- with proper servicing our fume systems last way over 10 years of service.

We produce the following items of laboratory equipment to clients' specific requirements:







Laboratory sinks




1. Fume cupboards
2. Laboratory sinks
3. PVC containers of various specifications
4. Any other special equipment according to customer needs