Fibreglass Tanks


When looking for liquid storage, Fiberglass Tanks offer a quality and long-lasting structure that can meet all your needs. Functioning as an inert material, fiberglass can store many harsher chemical materials without shrinking, contracting, expanding or splitting. This helps to ensure that your materials stay properly inside of the tank for as long as you need.


Looking for drinking water storage? A further benefit of this type of material is that it is less likely to leave the plastic taste in your mouth after storage. This makes it ideal for storing both rainwater and drinking water, as it will provide you with safe, clean, and fresh tasting water.



Fibreglass Roof Sheets (Translucent sheets)


Prodorite Fibreglass Roofing Sheets allow light transmission for energy savings at a fraction of the cost of traditional materials like glass.   Our fibreglass roofing products are made from the best quality polyester resin, glass fibre and additives, sandwiched by two layer of specialty film from the best international suppliers.

Our team of technical expertise is able to provide vital products information, installation guidelines, design specification and professional consultation on the usage of our products.



Other Fibreglass Products


Vendor boxes
Vendor boxes


  • Vehicle components
  • Food boxes- to keep food hot
  • Cooler boxes
  • Vendor boxes- for ice creams, yoghurts, milk etc
  • Fibreglass sanitary ware
  • Pit Latrine cabins and Portable toilets
  • FRP Mining Equipment
  • Cable ladder
  • Any specialised item



fibreglass tank
Fibreglass tank
food box
Food box
FRP Acid tanks
FRP Acid tanks
FRP coach body parts
FRP coach body parts