Accelacrete (Concrete Accelerator)



Description: Accelacrete is a solution in water of chemicals which readily combine with Portland Cement to increase the rate of setting and at the same time increase the strength and impermeability of the concrete.



Field of application: Accelacrete is specially recommended when early use has to be made of newly placed concrete, i.e street crossing, water channels, drains and sumps, floors and corridors, etc.








Nonporite No2 (integral Concrete Waterproofer /Densifier)


Nonporite Water-proofing



Description: Nonporite No2 is a stearic type of integral waterproofer and densifier the use of which gives a lower water/cement ratio for a given slump and a better yield. The formulation is based upon accepted world standards and the latest developments in concrete technology. The use of Nonporite No2 is guaranteed not to leave any harmful by-products and it does not adversely affect the physical properties of concrete and cement renders.

Field of application: It is used for waterproofing and densifying mass concrete, cement renders and cement mortars above or below ground level and is an effective proof against any water pressures met in practice.                                                                                                                                       

Nonporite No2 is recommended for use in the constrction of basements, lift wells, swimming pools, reservoirs, fish ponds, floors, walls, foundations, parapets and flat roofs. Nonporite No2 is used extensively in floor slabs for acid conditions. By its very nature Portland cement concrete cannot be acid resistant but the waterproofing and densifying effect of Nonporite No2 assists in preventing the rapid permeation of concrete by corrosive liquors and thus whilst not preventing attack it does reduce the effects of this attack.



crake filler



Crack Filler

Description: Prodorite Crack Filler is a non-shrink, high strength specially formulated, polymer modified powder for filling cracks in plastered surfaces. Prodorite Crack Filler powder when mixed with water forms a creamy consistent paste, which is easy to use for filling cracks in plastered surfaces. By adding specific quantity of water it can be used as putty for a plastered surface.

Field of application: Repairing of internal and external cracks in plastered surfaces.







Epoxy Adhesive




P269 Epoxy Adhesive

Description: P269 Epoxy adhesive is used to stick anything that is solid in matter. As the name indicates Epoxy is a thermosetting plastic material that sets and cures (cross links). Heating in to high temperature will result in degradation.











Prodorpatch Compound

Description: Prodorpatch a tenacious two-part epoxy putty. It permanently repairs almost any material: Copper, Pipes, Steel, Fibreglass, Galvanized and other Metals. Mix equal portions of Part A and Part B thoroughly. Remove all oil, grease, loose rust scale, sealant, paint and hardware from area to be repaired. To accelerate cure subject article to sunshine or radiated heat

Field of application: Industrial repairs, Mining repairs and Farm repairs