HDPE, polyurethane bars
HDPE, polyurethane bars
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nylon bar stock
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polyurethane products
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Prodorite Casting Division which specializes in high grade polyurethane elastomer compounds under the name Prodorthane.

The market place now finds that high performance Prodorite Prodorthane elastomer fulfils the need for a material incorporating the strength of plastics and flexibility of rubber.

Castable Prorite elastomers exhibit high modulus values resulting in high load bearing properties, improved abrasion resistance, sound deadening properties etc, below 80˚C. Due to these inherent qualities examples of application include:

  • Industrial rollers
  • Solid tyres
  • Mining screens
  • Cyclones and liners
  • Wear pads
  • Seals
  • Cleaner cones

Rollers and Roller Re-covering Systems

Prodorite urethane elastomer rollers give wide latitude for the roller users in the selection of a roller covering that would yield optimum results in terms of roller covering and durability, shore hardness and dimensional stability in order to achieve high quality results.


  • High resistance to printing inks, coating solutions and oils
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion and tears
  • Wide range of stable hardness, from 20 degrees shore 'A' - 95 degrees shore 'A' and 65 degrees shore 'D' - 80 degrees shore 'D'
  • Dimensional stability
  • Long working life
  • Excellent resistance to compression set
  • Easy machinability, providing smooth surfaces
  • Easy cleaning, because of low porosity

Automotive Bushes


Automotive Bushes

Properties: Hard wearing, Oil resistance, Ability to bear heavy loads and Durable

Torque arms, equaliser bushes, shackle bushes (various types) spring bushes, bump stops, repair of chain guides and tension.

Mining Components

Properties: Abrasion resistant, Ability to bear heavy loads, Durable, Impact resistant, High elasticity, Good dimension stability and Good dampening

Mining screens, wear pads and strips, bushes, tyres, seals, grommets etc.



Bars, Cored stocks and Flat Sheets (Engineering Material)

Properties: Machinability, High chemical resistance, Low friction, Can be graphite impregnated, Ability to bear heavy loads, Good dimension stability, Oil resistant, Hard wearing

N.B. Special arrangements can be carried out to manufacture any size.