Industrial tiling



Industrial tiling

We are a Specialist Tiling Contractor in supply and installation of all wall tiling and floor tiling on commercial, industrial, retail and residential projects.

Industrial Flooring & Coating

Industrial Floors are subjected to tough treatment. Not only should they be able to take decades of mechanical wear, they must also keep their shape and properties when exp osed to thermal forces and chemical substances. Every industry is different and when it comes to commercial, institutional, retail and industrial flooring systems, one size definitely does not fit all. Keeping all these points, PRODORITE has developed a wide range of flooring systems:








Roof and Deck Waterproofing

The broad product range and installation versatility of our waterproofing systems allow you to work with a single manufacturer to cover all of your waterproofing needs.


  • Concrete floors and upgrading
  • Buildings complete renovations
  • New concrete floors



pipe installations






Pipe installations

Installation, maintenance and fabricate process piping and supports for the following materials: PVC pipes, HDPE pipes, Polypropylene pipes and Fibreglass pipes.






Tank lining

Tank Lining

No matter what your tank contains, we have the linings to keep the contents safely inside. We design linings to protect nearly every type of storage vessel, including steel and concrete tanks, pipe linings, reactors, truck tankers, potable water tanks, bulk dry-storage tanks and more.

Tank variations that could benefit from Prodorite Tank Lining:

  • Sectional water tanks
  • Process water tanks
  • Concrete process tanks
  • Chemical tanks
  • Concrete effluent tanks
  • Fuel tanks
  • Beer tanks






  • Epoxy Floors

Epoxy flooring system, combining outstanding wearing properties with high chemical resistance and decorative properties. Ideally suited for aggressive areas where maximum cleanliness is essential. Food processing and storage, abattoir's, drinks production, dairies and general heavy duty plant and traffic areas are just some of the environments that can benefit from this system.